An Anne of Windy Poplars Evening

6 09 2007

What do cats, graveyards, trees and glorious sunsets have in common? They were all a part of my evening today.

Jordan taught a class yesterday about scheduling your time so this morning in the prayer room I did just that. Of course, the process started by me listing “Things I Would Die For”, “Things I am Passionate About”, “If I Could Step Into My Dream Without Any Practical Limitations What Would it Look Like”, “Things I Need to do to Achieve This” and “Things to Pray for”. Not even kidding. It took me an hour and ten minutes or so. THEN I had to actually make a practical schedule.

Point being, my schedule told me to take a walk this afternoon. So, ever obedient I put on a sweatshirt, grabbed some banana chips and headed out. I wandered out past our little dock and headed up through the neighborhood. It absolutely delighted my soul that a big tabby cat ran right up to me and rubbed against my ankles for a few minutes.

Walking on, I took the most likely looking path (it happened to be a left-hand turn).  After about a block I saw the most glorious sight- a very old graveyard. I felt just like Anne in Anne of whatever when she sees across from her boarding house a graveyard “with trees”!

I spent a good thirty minutes wandering about reading grave markers and feeling like I should be sad but I wasn’t. God kept asking me what I was afraid of and pointing out how it’s all just a ‘dust to dust’ thing.

So that was lovely and I actually had to run home because I’d lost myself.

Later tonight there was literally THE MOST INCREDIBLE sunset I have ever seen in my life. The sky was literally dusky orange through bright magenta with purple shadows. Ah-mazing.

Oh AND something spiritual that is well worth sharing. A couple days ago God brought up my old Christians have been telling you all your life that “you don’t belong and that there is no place for you” wound.  Tonight the girl who God used to bring up the topic said something about it again. The Holy Spirit backhanded me and before I knew it I was laughing and crying uncontrollably. That same girl who had brought up the hurt walked over without provocation, put her arms around me and said “I love you”. The whole world got really small and I heard (literally) God and the angels singing “I love you, I love you, I love you”. It was like that girl was standing in for the Church and we (me and the church) were being reconciled.


So then some lovely time in the prayer room and now me, Graham, Dennis and Amanda are hanging out in the living room. I’m going to go now, and do something productive like finish my drawing.

Much love.




7 responses

6 09 2007
Jennifer James

Hah! God is capturing you, and I love it. I once heard during my internship, the choirs of angels singing along with the prophetic singers on stage. The angels had lovely baritones.

6 09 2007
Father Smith


I love your posts, deep, rich and beautiful! Would loved to have seen that sunset.

Dancing Independently,


6 09 2007


You know how you always laugh when the Holy Spirit comes on you? I never got it until now! Two of the girls in the house have this anointing that they laugh all the time and it’s starting to leak over to me. It’s nuts!

Hooray for choirs of angels! One of the girls here was telling her about some of the visions that God has given her. They’re intense.

Loving living under an open heaven…

6 09 2007
Jennifer James

Yeha well, just don’t let anything big fall on your head.

I just sent you the opening paragraph of my next story. Hope you like it. I miss your voice alot, and I want some pictures on your blog of folks, apartments etc.

Also, don’t forget. I LOVE YOU!

6 09 2007
Mother Smith

Wonderful!!! I was remembering this morning one of my dreams where I saw an Angel-amazing.
Are you getting any pictures of these wonderful sunsets??
I knew exactly what kind of evening you had just by the title.
Missing your face/voice…all of you!! Love, Mum

7 09 2007

I’m getting lots of pictures but I can’t put them up because I don’t have the proper cord to connect my camera to my ‘puter.


7 09 2007
Jennifer James

HAHAHAH! Argelfraster indeed. Try pouring soapy water with lemon juice on it and see what happens.

Where did your decision to yell argelfraster come from?

And, just go buy a usb cable. They are less than 9 bucks. At least here.

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