A Monumental Task

5 09 2007

I sat in part II of Jordan’s “Scheduling Your Time” class today. The purpose of scheduling your time is to be working constantly towards your goals in order to realize your vision. Problem? To realize a vision one must have a vision.

In the immortal words of Huck Finn “I ain’t got one!” (Note- Huck Finn probably didn’t say that [I hated the book and never got through it] but it sounds like something he would say.)

So the questions that we’re meant to ask ourselves are things like “What do you want from life” and “what would you die for”.


I haven’t the foggiest idea where to start so I am going to invite you all to join in a little project. I shall list all the things I love best to do and you can reply with your own lists. I shall also list things like “Favorite things to experience” and “Ten things I want to do before I die”. Maybe between us we can get a handle on this stuff.

Ready? Here we go…

Things I love to do:

1. Perform (Dancing, acting, maybe singing?)

2. Talking to people

3. Art (drawing, painting, writing poetry)

4. Travel. For all its inherent horrors there is nothing quite like it

5. Watching films and learning about movie-making. Just watching the special features on LOTR brings me to tears. This, I think, is one of the more important ones.

Favorite things to experience:

1. Sitting alone or with one other person in the midst of nature (Oceans, forests… quiet places)

2. Being goofy in public without caring what people think

3. A good long laugh

4. A well-written book

5. Beauty in any form (a flower, an interesting face, a noble deed selflessly done)

Ten things I want to do before I die:

1. Swim in a warm ocean (dangerous critters and all)

2. Go on a really long back-packing/hiking trip with just one other person

3. Get a good role in a proffesional play (straight play probably- can’t see myself getting a singing role in a proffesional theatre)

4. Get nominated for an Oscar

5. Spend some time in a Carmelite monestary

6. Take a spur of the moment vacation to a tropical beach

7. Publish a book of poetry and at least one children’s book

8. Be able to give everyone in my life space just exactly what they want for Christmas (regardless of extravagence)

9. Adopt kids

10. Know God.




8 responses

5 09 2007
Mother Smith

Think I’d like to come along on a few of those. I think Susan knows the where abouts of a Carmelite monestary or two.
Will work on a list to post later….off to the gym. Mum

5 09 2007
Jennifer James

Meggers- I think you should be a traveling art teacher. Who tutors art for kids who’s parents are working on making movies. Around the world?
I have always thought you were going to be such an adventurer. I just can’t wait to see what happens with your life!

5 09 2007
Father Smith


“…A life filled with loving is a life most like the one that God lives, which is life as it was meant to be (Eph. 5:1-2). And loving requires a heart alive and awake and free.

Of all the things that are required of us in this life, which is the most important? What is the real point of our existence? Jesus was confronted with the question point blank one day, and he boiled it down to two things: loving God and loving others. Do this, he said, and you will find the purpose of your life. Everything else will fall into place. Gerald May wrote ‘ We are created by love, to live in love, for the sake of love.”

John Eldridge

This life is a life of the heart, I’m seeing this as never before. It truly is the thoughts and intents of the heart that shape a persons life. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he (Prov 23:7). Thats some powerful stuff!

Just some thoughts for today. Love your face.


5 09 2007
Mother Smith

Well, I’ve had some time to think on this….( by the way, good input from your sister and Dad), and while it is by no means an exhaustive list it is some thoughts on the subject
Besides tagging along with you on some of your adventures, I’d like to:
Hike the Grand Canyon ( with your Dad, everyone should see this place!)
I’ve been to the Northwest corner of the US, I’d like to see the Northeastern corner too.
I’d like to put my feet in the Alantic ocean and walk some of it’s beaches.
To see the Southern Cross
To spend sometime horseback ridding in the mountains. ( In Australia or New Zealand would be a plus)
Most importantly that Jesus would so possess me that others would be transformed. That when I came into the room others would see only Him.

6 09 2007
Jennifer James

How come no one wants to come to Missouri? I’ll draw you a cross on the lawn with some car parts or something…!!!

6 09 2007

I actually do kind of want to go to Missouri! I mean, I don’t really want to move there but I’d like to visit. Hopefully in the Spring before the weather gets gnarly.

6 09 2007
Jennifer James

Hah. The weather here is rough from Oct- April, then from June – end of Sept.

We will do indoor things, or bundle up. Maybe, depending on when you come, there might be a snow storm!

8 09 2007

Thinking about these questions has been quite fun.

Father Smith: I liked the comments, especially “And loving requires a heart alive and awake and free.” Oh to hope…

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