Today was a day…

4 09 2007

A day of uninteresting post titles.

I don’t even know where to begin anymore. Should I give the details of day-to-day existance? Would it be better to share the kinds of things that the Lord has been doing in my life? How much detail is too much detail and what exactly am I comfortable with sharing?


I would probably be better able to do this if I weren’t hanging out with girls right now. It’s hard to pull myself away from fellowship to share things with my amorphous readers. I’m struggling.

We’re right now discussing Ezekial and Nikki’s time in the Australian bush reading Ezekial. She’s stoked about sitting in the throne room talking with Ezekial about his vision of the throne room. (A direct quote, the sentence structure is not mine.)

Incidentally how nerdy are we? We sit around at night and talk about eschatology and heaven. Who else on planet EARTH does this kind of thing?

My conversation is liberally scattered with bouts of coughing, especially when I get to laughing which happens often around here. 

At the moment I am reading a biography of Teresa of Avila. It makes me want to read some of her actual writings. She was an extraordinary person or rather, God did extraordinary things with her. She actually managed to balance a profound inner life and a productive outer life. Something about this book is setting me right on my ear. It goes along with the stuff that God’s been showing me.

Something NOT too deep to be shared. God told me today that I could get a tattoo but no worries dad, he said “in due time”. Which means I have to wait until He lets me.

We’re in the midst of the global bridegroom fast and it’s made everyone a bit loopy. Drivers are driving with much more, shall we say, flair than ever before. Things that weren’t funny two days ago are hysterical today and the kitchen is shockingly empty of people. Let the good times roll.

I feel like there are a million profound and important things that I should be sharing but you will excuse me. My brain’s in a bit of a muddle and I need to process before I get all deep on you guys.

I’ll try and be better about setting aside hard-core blogging time.

Much love from Tauranga.




4 responses

4 09 2007
Mother Smith

We’d love to hear everything you feel like sharing!! But I know somethings have to be “worn” a bit before you feel like you can share them.You should ask Susan B about Teresa of Avila..
Love you bunches, Mum

4 09 2007

Perhaps I shall just send her an e-mail saying “Teresa of Avila…. GO!”

Yeah I’m liking this biography lots. I want to read “The Interior Castle” super bad now.

Loving you!

4 09 2007
Jennifer James

I read all her books in college. I loved them.

4 09 2007
Jennifer James

I read all her books in college. I loved them.

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