My Roommates

1 09 2007

Jennifer asked for a post telling all about my various roommates. Since the house is unusually quiet just now I shall oblige. We’ll start with the girls.  (Another post about daily life will come soon, if this one does not pique your interest.)

Amanda- Amanda is from Anchorage, Alaska and is 28 years old. She spent some time in Australia doing YWAM and is now full-time staff at THOP. She is definetly the mother of Mayfair. She makes sure that no-one forgets to clean their dishes etc. (Not that anyone does. We tend to fight to bless each other by doing the dinner dishes. No mean feat when there are 8 people’s dishes to do). But she’s a good egg all around.

Nikki- Nikki’s Australian and I’d put her at around 26. I’m not totally sure, to be honest. Nikki’s defining trait is that she will go off in bouts of silent laughter for no obvious purpose. (Often she is joined in this by Kate.) She also tends to wander the house going “Oh man I love Jesus!” She’s the sweetheart of the group. Those of you who read the past posts will remember that she is the one who came out of her room to hug me and remind me that I am loved here.  She also lent me clothes on my first luggage-less days.  Nikki also did YWAM and is now full-time staff at THOP.

Kate- Kate’s a Kiwi from just north of Auckland. She’s 25 and has the best hair in the house. It’s very funky. She’s in the internship with me and has turned into my designated driver. We cook and shop together and on Friday we went and got library cards together.  Whenever we pass in the hall we flatten against it in our best model poses. This occasionally leads to self-inflicted pain when someone ‘flattens’ with more than neccesary force.

Jo- Jo has just turned 19. Her goal is to grow up and own a big cat park to breed endangered feline species. She is the one to go to if you need some baked goods or a puzzle. She’s a quiet and unassuming girl who likes to bike to the mount, walk up it, run down and bike home. This is a three-hour process. Yeah, I know.

On to the boys-

Dennis- Dennis is a 23 year-old, very tall, Australian. He did YWAM and was preceeded to THOP by his brother Tristan. Tristan also used to live here and appparently broke a lot of glasses. Dennis is one of those really quiet people who, when they talk, rock the room. The other day he was standing in the kitchen slicing a carrot and Badger was talking about free will. Dennis, not even pausing, says “You exercise free will and then you lean into Grace”. I was blown away. He also plays guitar and sings. At the moment we are the two sick ones in the house.

Graham- Graham is a 39 year old Brit by way of Australia. He’s also an ex-YWAMer. I believe that his civilian job is mechanical engineering. No-one will give you a harder time than Graham but he’s really a big softie. Last night after our visitors left I was walking into the kitchen to clean the glasses. He looks at me and goes “No. You’re sick. Go sleep”. He will occasionally fake karate chop the passers-by just for fun. Also a good egg.

Badger- “Nick Pierson” Badger is a 21 year-old reluctant Kiwi. When God told him to come back to NZ he balked and tried to go to Tonga instead. Well he’s here now. He owns more Bickle than anyone except my dad and can most often be found studying his bible. In fact, he needs a new one because the old one is so marked up. Last night Badger, myself, Nikki and eventually the girls from the  other house, spent about 5 hours talking about the end times and the importance of prayer. Badger is passionate enough and knowledgeably enough that he becomes something of a teacher in these situations. He also has the best tattoos of anyone here. (And a LOT of them have tattoos.) 

Those are my roommates, the abbreviated version. It’s hard to condense so much about people into so short of a space. If I’ve left anything out shoot me some questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Continue to pray for me as I pray for myself. This cough hangs around in a most perverse and annoying fashion.




4 responses

2 09 2007
Mother Smith

They sound like a fun group……college without the homework or humanism!

4 09 2007
Jennifer James

Three cheers for all teh education without the “we are right because we believe in nothing” creed. Go Meggie Go!
Also, GO cough go (as in, away.)

4 09 2007

Ha ha! Thanks Jennie. I know everyone in the prayer room is behind you in that wish. I’m slightly disruptive. They’re handling it well and loving me anyway so it’s all good.

4 09 2007
Jennifer James

It’s not your fault. You just remind peopel that every time you cough, they should pray for your healing.

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