The Lovely Things About Today…

31 08 2007

…are manifold.

 I had a rather teary talk with my mum this morning. Being sick far from home is a little depressing. BUT, in the pattern of my sister and brother-in-law I shall tell you all the lovely things about this day. In list form.

1. Sleeping all morning. Felt well-rested when I woke up. 

2. Getting my Tauranga city library card.

3. Getting a cart-load of books from aforementioned library. Including: Three biographies- Einstien, Teresa of Avila, C.S. Lewis; a bunch of fiction, some mystery, some sci-fi/fantasy, etc.

4. Going to the pharmacy in Tauranga for throat lozenges. They must have had about 5 women running around the pharmacy just helping people find stuff. Mine showed me three different lozenges and two kinds of cough syrup in two sizes. (Syrup is super expensive. I went with the lozenges.)

5. Veggie shopping. “NO KATE. Eggplant is gross!”

6. Visiting the girl’s house, chatting with Becca and watching her clean dishes.

7. Showering and blow-drying my hair. It’s the first time I’ve taken the time to do my hair since I’ve been here. It feels really nice for some reason.

8. Chapel. Got prophesied over for about 10 minutes. It was intensely wonderful. The kind of stuff that you just have to weep because there’s nothing else to do.

9. Falling over in the hallway while brushing my teeth. Kate and I have this thing where we flatten against the wall model-style when we pass in the hallway. This works much better when we aren’t brushing our teeth. The end result was that I sat on the floor and laughed for three minutes while trying not to cough up toothpaste.

10. Nikki coming out of her room and just hugging me. She goes “I know your mum is far away and you don’t feel good, but I wanted you to know that you have family here”.

11. Graham asking me why I’d “fuzzed” my hair. Apparently I was the only one who appreciated the effort put into my “do”.

12. Praying with Becca at chapel.

13. Did I mention that I took Kate’s sleeping bag to chapel and sat curled up in it for most of the night?! I do a lot better when I’m warm!

14. My mum bought me hiking socks before I left and I wore them to the prayer room tonight. They are the best thing since sliced bread. Warm and with padding at the toe and heel. Lovely!

15. Standing out on the dock at the end of our street wrapped up in Kate’s sleeping bag watching the stars. I can find the southern cross, now. Plus, nothing says Meghan-Moment like singing “Somewhere Out There” while gazing over the water to the stars.

16. It was daffodil day today in New Zealand. It’s a cancer-support thing (we’re assuming they aren’t supporting cancer but rather the fight against it). Men, women and children were out in full force, yellow daffodils in every buttonhole. 

17. The people I live with. I just love ’em. Even when there are seven people in our small kitchen all trying to cook something at the same time.

18. Steak. Kristy gave me some of their steak and it was heavenly. We eat a lot of different kinds of meat down here. Tonight Kristy had steak and Jo had lamb. Kate and I opted out of meat this evening. We’re going to the Mad Butcher tomorrow, hopefully.

Yeah, it’s been a good day.




10 responses

31 08 2007
Jennifer James

I love number 11. How about a post on your housemates? Mini bio style? I would like to know who has accents, who lives with who, and what they do.
I could kiss that girl for hugging you and saying that.

Here’s a little something from home to help.
My uterus is killing me.

31 08 2007
Father Smith


I’m just getting ready to head out the door…grab some coffee and go to one of my prayer spots. Know that while you sleep I’m praying for you! You’re a true adventurer in my book:) I’m so very proud of you!

PS – Make sure you write down and keep track of these prophetic words spoken over your life.


31 08 2007


today i am going to the zoo [the real one, not the pathetic little on here in issaquah] and i am wearing my zoo-hat. i am quite a sight to behold and i think you’d just fall over laughing at me if you did behold it. me, that is.

so glad to hear you’re falling over laughing and choking on toothpaste. [i meant that seriously, but not the choking bit…] i can just see you doing that.

much love!

[p.s. i move in four days and my stomach is now in a permanent knot from the stress and excitement and nerves.]

31 08 2007
Jennifer James

Meggarah. I think you need to get Hillary to send YOU a zoo hat.
I am glad you didn’t choke on the toothpaste, though I think you should refine the choreography of your passing in the halls. Sounds like you need some work on that.

31 08 2007
Mother Smith

I will tell your Grandma you’ve seen the southern cross. She wanted me to tell you to look for it, one of things she most remembers about her trip to your neck of the woods.
Along with putting my foot in the Alantic Ocean, I would like to see the Southern cross.
So glad you got your library card, nothing says “home” like a good library.
Love you bunches, Mum

31 08 2007
Father Smith

Hey…wait a minute. If your Mother becomes “Mum” does that mean I become “Dum”? I think I’d rather be called “Barb”:)

Have A Big Day Down There In Kiwi Lando

Love Dad

31 08 2007

Dad-No silly! You’re still “Dad”! Thank you for praying for me! My cough feels like the gunk is loosening (Not a pleasant thought but a good one!)

Mom- It is a good library, though they charge you for some things. Like movies and music. I shall survive, though, because the fiction and non-fiction sections are big enough to keep me busy for the rest of my time here.

Hilary- Your zoo hat?! I wish I could go with you and frolic with the new jaguar. (He’s quite splendid). If you see any elephant handlers give them a hug for me. They’re probably still upset about Hansa.

Jennifer- I shall devote an entire post to my roommates some time soon. There’s a lot of them, though, so I’ll need lots of time for it. I’m so sorry about your uterus! My lungs keep them company in pain.

31 08 2007
Jennifer James

What happened to Hansa!? And what’s a southern cross? Barb, someone, help me out!

1 09 2007

Hansa, our baby elephant, just died about a month ago. The Southern Cross is the southern hemisphere’s answer to the big dipper and north star. Ie, it’s the most noticable constallation.

1 09 2007
Jennifer James

I went yesterday and read about Hansa. How sad!
Southern Cross Constellation. Hmm. Too bad you don’t have a high powered camera with a night filter, or you could take a picture of it for me. I love you meggers.

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