How I’ve Changed

30 08 2007

So, I’ve been in New Zealand for ten or so days now and already I’ve begun to see changes in myself. (One of which is that I am now aware of how incredibly self-focused I am.)

For those of you who don’t get regular correspondence from me, or are extremely bored at work and so are reading this, here is a list of the ways in which I have changed.

1. I eat a lot more foods, and I clean my plate at EVERY meal. Frankly, if someone offers me food I am going to eat it regardless of taste, texture, colour or dubious origin. I now eat food from Tonga, Canada and Great Britain without qualms.

2. I am not put off by dodgy food preparation. I got 3/4 through a sandwich the other day before realizing the bread was moldy. Calmly picked the mold off and finished my sandwich.

3. Bugs have little to no effect on me. I had a cockroach join me in the shower for about 8 minutes yesterday. I remember distinctly thinking that it had exceptionally long feelers. That was my only thought on the matter.

4. I actually enjoy having people around all the time.

5. I don’t nap most days. The exceptions being Fridays and Sundays when I don’t have class or errands to run.

6. I spend a lot less time reading my own books and more time reading things that tend to set my world on its’ head.

7. I haven’t worn makeup since I got here. AND I’M OK WITH THAT. I actually like being the somewhat disheveled plain one who wears the same coat, pants and scarf to the prayer room every day.

8. I like not driving. It’s nice to just hop in whatever car is leaving, no worries.

9. I use Kiwi verbage. I say “hey?” a lot and often remark on how “dodgy” things are.

10. I have psuedo-brothers who like to harass me at every turn. Case in point, Graham, who frequently kung-fu’s me while I am cooking dinner.

11. I sleep with the window shut. (It’s cold here!)

12. I can say that I have visited the hot pools. They’re fantastic, btw.

I think that’s enough for now. I’d write more but I’ve just finished making dessert for everyone, my hair is wet and I am very very sleepy. I’ll try and write another update before I nap tomorrow (that’s 5 ish Pacific time). If I don’t get around to it I shall write one after chapel so you all will have it for your Friday morning perusal. I think…




One response

30 08 2007
Jennifer James

I like the list. You kung-fu that boy right back! Tell about the hot springs? Favorite classes? What is a normal daily schedule for you? Like by the minute! (or close)

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