It’s a Total Eclipse of the…MOON

29 08 2007

Did any of you see it?

There was a total lunar eclipse last night and it was wicked sweet. I actually watched it for 20 minutes, then gave up and went to bed. However, my lovely roomates woke me up in time to see the final result. It was WAY cool.

If any of you saw it I’d love to hear your thoughts/impressions/stories.




7 responses

29 08 2007
Mother Smith

I think we’re getting that about 4 am our time tonight ( Tuesday). I guess that is actually early Wednesday morn. I am not planning to be awake then…but you never know. Love you buches, Mum

29 08 2007

Oh do wake up and take a look. It’s awesome!

I’ll call you tomorrow.

Love love love love

29 08 2007
Jennifer James

I was awake when it happened, but I didn’t know it was going on, so I missed it. However, when I went to get hair dye the second time last night (don’t ask!) I did see a very low, very orange, very huge moon. It was very cool and almost the same color as my hair. But pretty.

30 08 2007

That’s evidence of a full eclipse… maybe you did see it….?

30 08 2007
Jennifer James

That moon was the night after the eclipse. Not the morning of.

30 08 2007

Oh. Sad day.

But hey, there’ll be another!

I’m going to go sleep. This morning I was lying in bed asking the Lord for an indication of whether or not I should go to the prayer room this morning. I got up, got dressed and found and e-mail from one of our directors urging me to sleep if I need it. There’s my answer! So I’m sitting here, fully dressed, typing this and am going to march myself back upstairs and climb back into bed.

Because God can work in you wherever you are and if He says you may stay home and sleep I think you’re safe doing so.

31 08 2007
Jennifer James

I wish God would say that when I am getting up at 5am to go to work. Though I am glad for the grace to get up and earn extra money.

I am laying in bed all weekend, perhaps I can convince my husband to bring me snacks.

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