Ginger Tea and Wellington!

29 08 2007

Today I was saved from a horrid coughing fit by Prekosh, the one Indian here at THOP. He had me boil tea then add a heap of ginger. It took the roof off of my mouth and I’m still burping up ginger but boy howdy did it work.

I’m so sick of having this cough. Even my back muscles hurt. Every time I cough I can feel the muscles between my shoulder blades. By the end of this I am going to have the nicest back ever.

But on to Wellington…

The girls are going to drive up north of Auckland and hang out at the beach. This idea is only very slightly appealing.

Instead, I am going to hop on a bus (it’s called the naked bus and you can get a fare for a dollar if you’re lucky) and go see Wellington.   That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. It’s going to be an adventure within an adventure. I’ve found a hostel (voted best hostel in Oceania) that’s right near everything I want to see. You can even go for a short drive and visit the LOTR horses. Let’s see, LOTR tours or sitting on a beach. Gee, what do YOU think I’m going to do?!

For now, I need a shower and some sleep. Too bad everyone is so darned entertaining down here in the living room.

If you feel the need to bless me, please send “holiday” money to my folks for me! All this adventuring costs dough, you know.




5 responses

29 08 2007
Jennifer James

When is your break? And can I send you mail? Do you have an address? Does mail go to NZ? DO YOU HAVE POST OFFICES!?


29 08 2007

October 7th, yes, yes yes and YES.

20 Mayfair Court C
New Zealand


30 08 2007
Jennifer James

Man, now I am going to have to go to the post office and find out how much postage to put on it.

I shall send you a Howler! *not really… tee hee*

If only we could send mail via owl. How glorious. Our owls would have crazy amounts of passport stamps!

30 08 2007

Lol. I think the point of owls is so you don’t have to worry about stuff like passports and customs. I wish you would send me a howler, that’d be awesome! Though I don’t much like being yelled at…

I would send mail but I’ve yet to find a post office. I’ll try and do that today.

Much love and I’ll write you a long post addressing all of your questions later.

31 08 2007
Jennifer James

Sounds good. I would send you a Howler but it would be a nice howler and say lovely things about you… Or some chocolate frogs. Sigh, I love fiction.

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