The First Saturday

25 08 2007

Well, I’ve just had my first Saturday in the lovely city of Tauranga. We started out the day (as we do six days a week) in the prayer room. I kept having to mentally apologize for being so distracted and scatter-brained. Maybe it was actually a good thing: I spent the time praying for everyone I could think of for everything I could think of. If any of you miraculously recieve ponies dyed green to match your eyes let me know… I might have accidentally prayed for that.

 After the prayer room we all came back to the apartment and had lunch. (Hooray PB&J!) Then Kate and I ventured to the Strand to see if we could get library cards. Unfortunetly neither of us had proof of address so THAT didn’t happen. We’ll work on it for next week.

There was then some wandering around the Strand. We visited a book shop where I found about four things I really wanted. Sadly, someone told NZ that they can charge an arm and a leg for books. No, really. A paperback smallish book of poetry was $30. Even taking the exchange rate into account that is crazy. The fabric shop wasn’t a whole lot better. Fun to browse, though.

Home for naps and a phone call home. Spent a good twenty minutes sobbing at mom, which is always fun. I really do like it here, I promise! Sounds like she may be able to come out here for my break, which would be beyond amazing!

Decided soon after that, instead of sitting down and writing a long apology letter to everyone I’ve ever know, I would take myself for a walk. Wandered around the bay thingie and sang songs to myself. It made me think of Greenlake. There were even a few dogs running out of their yards to say hello. The walk ended with the most amazing sunset I’ve ever seen. The colours were beyond description.

Tonight Kate and I went over to the house where the other interns live and ate muffins and watched The Count of Monte Cristo. We have now planned a Pride and Prejudice movie weekend. We’re going to watch both versions and then go see the Jane Austen movie. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt really at home here. It’s like college, but without the soul-rotting atmosphere and homework.

Plus, we interns have A Plan. And that’s bound to make anyone feel at home.

Sleepy now and my body is not doing fantastically. Not badly, but not wonderfully either. I’d kiss a frog for a box of chocolates from home.

Much love from Down Under




4 responses

25 08 2007
Mother Smith

Sounds like you had a nice “first Saturday”. If i come out to see you I shall bring a box of chocolates and a dictionary. ( Heard form somewhere you wanted a dictionary)
And if you can get a library card next week it won’t matter how much books cost..from our favorite bookstore they’re free.:)
Love, Mum

25 08 2007

For sure on the dictionary, but don’t worry about the chocolate too much. They don’t like you to bring food through customs and it could make your life harder than it needs to be. I do know of someone who got peanut butter through…

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the library!
Loving you.

25 08 2007
Father Smith


I would be happy to supply the frog! I happen to know where they like to hang out:) I love your face!

Daddy O

26 08 2007

Poor daddy and your frogs!

Pitchfork one for me, will ya?

Love YOUR face!

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