Football, How I Shall Miss Thee

24 08 2007

I got on King 5 today and almost wept. I haven’t missed not having a TV until just this moment, and I am shocked that watching football is what’s getting me down.

I’m going to miss football season!


I’ll have to try and keep up with it whenever I can. I’m sure I’ll survive the loss of one football season. If not, it’s been nice knowing you all.




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24 08 2007
Father Smith


Your Mom will watch enough football for all of us:)


24 08 2007

Meh! It’s Fußball now…

Been enjoying your updates! What an adventure; I love how God draws us to helpless surrender. ^_^ Blessings,


24 08 2007

Good point, Dad and thanks for the encouragement, Michael. Have really enjoyed looking through your photography. You’d LOVE it down here. It’s extraordinary. I can’t do it justice.

24 08 2007
Jennifer James

Meggers! I just realized the same thing! I realized for the first time ever, I won’t have tv reception during football season! Except I can sort of see it, if I put tin foil on the little thing that sticks out of the back of my tv. When you get home, we shall watch ESPN and eat orange danishes!
I told mom maybe now she can finish that cross stitch sampler!

24 08 2007

Ha! That’d be too funny for words.

Orange danish and football sounds heavenly just now. I’ve just had bran and am off soon for the prayer room.

Loving YOU

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