August 24th

24 08 2007

I’m sitting in my living room at Mayfair with a good chunk of the interns and staff. We’re waiting to head out to chapel, I think. Discussion topics have ranged from the vitamin C content of the Kiwi fruit, (I ate two in the hopes of staving off an encroaching cold) to the Dr. Suess/abortion parallels drawn during The Call ’07. YouTube Lue Engle and look for the Horton Hears a Who video. It’s intense.


Right now Badger, Kari and other intern who’s name I don’t know yet are listening to Mike Bickle. Nikki and girl who I’ve yet to talk to are chatting at the kitchen table and Jo (wonderful Jo) is cooking something. 


 Speaking of the wonder that is Jo… when we got home from the prayer room today there were scones, shortbread and pecan cookies waiting for us. She’s also made a Pavlova which has yet to be consumed (miracle of miracles). A Pavlova (named after the ballerina Anna Pavlova) is four eggs, beaten for an hour and then baked overnight in a warm oven. This girl is a wonder.


 Oh, I don’t want to make it seem like I take people lightly when I don’t know their names. It’s hard for me to learn about the other girls because they live in another house and we only see them in the prayer room and at class. Neither area is conducive to conversation.


   My heart is mostly good today. I don’t like having this much down time. I’ve not become accustomed to being here yet so quietness is uncomfortable. I spent a lot of time on my e-mail and on YouTube, actually. Weeping a little bit while listening to “Somewhere” from West Side Story and reading Sarah Teasdale poetry was good for me. Incidentally, if anyone comes across a compilation of her stuff grab it for me and I’ll pay you back when I get home to the States.


  I’m looking forward to getting to know these people better. In fact, we’re getting Badger’s life story so I’ll stop for now. More later I’m sure.



Well… that was fun.


Suffice it to say that God spent the first half of chapel messing me up. Don’t get me wrong, I needed it, but it was pretty rough going for a while. Long story short- I have very little idea who I am anymore. I’ve spent so long conforming to what that person needed me to be on that day that I’ve forgotten how to be me.


We’ll work on that.


I will write more later but for now, dry hair, a tylenol PM and my bed are calling my name.


Much love from Tauranga.




8 responses

24 08 2007
Jennifer James

I remember that feeling of weirdness as all your paradigms slide away. It’s rough going there for a while, but lean into God and it gets’ easier. Spend more free time pondering random verses in your Bible, and that might help. Youtube and stuff can be detrimental…. kind of like giving an alcoholic more alcohol to help him feel better when he is going through withdrawals, instead of encouraging him while he goes cold turkey.
I am glad you have this blog and email so I can reach your face!

24 08 2007
Mother Smith

Good word Jennifer…listen to your sister.:)
Just remember what the Lord showed your Dad before you shall flourish there!!
For flowers to grow, the soil must be tilled.
I love you, Mum

24 08 2007
Mother Smith

I will watch football for you and we’ll make orange danish for the first game we watch when you get home. ( You won’t miss the whole season, just most of it.) Mum

24 08 2007
Aaron James

Good for you Little sis.

Hang in there it takes a several months for your head to stop spinning but it’s all for the better

24 08 2007
Mother Smith

Well I’m still waiting for the plumber. I love the schedule these guys work on…. we’ll be there in the next 2 hours..tick..tick..tick. It’s now been 2 plus and I still need a shower!! But to be fair they did call to say they’re running behind and I’m the next call. I should have taken a shower first thing.:)
Dad is busy with the August schedule..oh, I hear him now. Must be time for lunch. I sure like hanging out with your Dad! More later, Love Mum.
P.S. Dad was in time to correct my spelling, I’m waiting for the plumber, not plummer ( as in Christopher Plummer) I don’t think he does plumbing. 🙂 I can be pretty amusing. Ma

24 08 2007
Father Smith

WOW! Good comments family! I’m impressed:)

Father Smith

24 08 2007
Jennifer James

Ma- I think you are hysterical. From the day you first put ‘spag’ on a grocery list.
Dad- Thanks! You are encouraging.
Meghan- You are doing so good! Jesus loves you and so do we!

24 08 2007

I AM doing good. I like this stuff. Jo was saying that last week was the first time she actually enjoyed being in the prayer room and she has been here for six months. I’ve only been here 6 days and I like being there. Granted, it gives me terrible knots in my neck from hunching over (there really isn’t any other option but to hunch) but it’s always good. I’ve learned not to look at my watch for many reasons.

We have a free afternoon today. Looking forward to that. Might try and hitch a ride up to The Mount.

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