August 23rd, An Uninteresting Title

23 08 2007

I feel strange when I don’t type something up about my day. You will then have to forgive me if I become hopelessly boring or repetitive. I’m doing my best to keep you all filled in so if I am boring it is your fault.

 I woke up at some unholy hour again. This is either the best sleeping schedule or the worst that I have ever experienced.  

Spent the morning in the prayer room. Apparently there was some major spiritual warfare going on. I wish I could attest to it but honestly I was having a hard time just staying awake. I was inexcusably and hopelessly sleepy! Suffice it to say that someone was warring for Fiji and the forgotten children of NZ.

  Lunchtime was spent cashing a traveler’s check and going to the grocery store with Badger. I now have extra virgin olive oil, potatoes and banana chips. What more could a girl want?

  Class this afternoon was intense. Dalton spent two hours shredding my theology, my paradigms and anything I ever thought or learned about God. My soul wallpaper is a very wilted green. My soul and brain are battling for which is the worse for wear. Dalton is lovely, though, in that he uses big words.

  Then to some major correspondence. I love the e-mails that I get but I’m bound to get carpal tunnel syndrome replying to them all.

 Tonight I finally got to meet my long-time correspondents, Bryan and Cheryl. They are entirely lovely. One of the first things Bryan said was to remark upon my choice of books. “I see that someone around here has good taste!” He said, gesturing at my copy of Clive Cussler’s Shock Wave. “We own the whole set” he informed me. I’ve managed to barter the loan of any and all that I wish. They shall be something of a circulating library, bringing books once a week. Turns out that they also like Star Trek, Lord of the Rings and Sci Fi in general. I could have wept. These are my people! We’ve arranged something of a waffle night for whenever I need a Star Trek fix.

 The rest of the night was spent chatting with the girls and taking a shower. I like the evenings around here, they are calm with plenty of time for reading and writing. Appearances would demand that I go to the prayer room in the evenings as well and I will, when I can do it with honest intentions.

 I’m now in my room, watching Sense and Sensibility until I can decently go to sleep.  (It’s far too early right now.)

 Anyone have any questions about anything? I’d hate to think I’m leaving anything out that would be of particular interest.




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