An Update

22 08 2007

Well  the internet is just a bit dodgy around here, apparently. It’s pretty frustrating, actually, as e-mail and internet are my only real forms of communication with you all. Since I can’t get it to work just now, I’ll type up the events of the day and post it when the internet decides it likes us again. (Us being the gang at Mayfair). 

Oh, Mayfair is where I live, by the way. It’s really awesome living with both guys and girls. It keeps the atmosphere pleasant and fun rather than intense and estrogen-filled. 

 This morning was my first full day in the prayer room. Our ‘full day’ is four hours every morning, with evening sets being optional. From eight until 9:40 we have devotional. The interns are reading through Psalm 27 a verse at a time. This morning was Psalm 27:4. The system we use is to read it, write it, say it, sing it, pray it. We journal whatever we feel the Lord is telling us and at 9:40 we all get together and share. Matt, the internship director, leads that discussion.  However, being the new girl, I had NO idea that this is what we were doing. So for the first 40 minutes or so I just paced in the back and prayed, mostly in tongues. Those of you who know the HOP world know that different internships have trademarks- how they physically behave in the prayer room. The IHOP people, I am told, rock back and forth. Well, out here in Tauranga, we pace. The HOP is a crèche (a nursery) right now because our other space isn’t available. So picture up to seven people at a time trying to find room to pace without disturbing others or breaking their concentration. Yeah, it’s like that. 

 So I finally got the lowdown on the devotional thing and did some of that. We met, talked about it and disbanded for the intercessory portion of the morning. From ten to noon we had intercessory prayer. The main topics were the youth of Tauranga and Fiji. I felt foolish because I knew nothing about what is going on in Fiji. I got filled in later. They’ve had three coups and there are elections here in the next couple of months.  After that we all headed back to our various casa’s for lunch.

My bags were waiting for me!! It was lovely. Actually, after living three days without anything really, I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff that I have. It’s vaguely embarrassing. It’s nice to have my own sheets, though, and my adaptor so that my electronics can be plugged in now.

  This afternoon was rough. I couldn’t get the internet to work and that seems to be a sore point for me. It’s my one real connection to the outside world and I feel isolated without it. So I went to class feeling vaguely ill (the stress of not having internet, nothing more). Kristi had more good things to say about fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit but honestly, I spent most of the lecture crying. Hopefully in a really unobtrusive way.  I felt better after I came home and called Dad and Mom, though. Poor things! Every time I call them I just cry, and it’s not because I am unhappy. It’s purely because I love to hear their voices. I always feel overwhelmed by the goodness of God when I talk to them.

I’m far from home but I don’t miss anything except my family and friends. And automatic cars, all these stick shifts make me slightly nauseous. Jen, I will never give you a hard time about car sickness again! 

Stephanie, who is the sister of Dennis (he who loaned me the computer on my first day) was here on a visit and today is her last day. In honor of her we all went out to ice-cream. Trust me to travel to NZ to eat Swiss ice cream. And only in NZ do people eat ice cream, outside, in bare feet, in the middle of winter. It’s ridiculous! Me and Perkosh (the Indian, and I’m sure I’m spelling his name wrong) were shivering uncontrollably by the end.  

So my feelings about today are: I love flannel. I miss my Mom and Dad. I am not good at the whole prayer room thing, yet. God’s pretty cool (vision count thus far: 1). It’s cool to be able to crack my neck. International Justice Mission is a bigger deal than I thought. (People here know IJM-ers.) I want more e-mails from everyone!




4 responses

22 08 2007
Jennifer James

MEghan! Sounds like you are going through completely normal “welcome to a life of prayer” stuff! Ain’t it grand. Thanks for the props about the car sickness. It’s awful, especially with sticks if the person isnt’ a good shifter. Is it weird that they are on the other side of the car? I am so glad you got your stuff. Did you get my email? Dodi and I think maybe your wireless card is having issues with the radio frequency it’s on. But if you are getting intermittent wireless that might not be it. Do they have a tech place you could take it and ask? I LOVE YOU!

22 08 2007
Jennifer James

P.s. are you getting my emails?

22 08 2007
Mohter Smith

I just sent you an e-mail and I will get your address out to those on my contact list today sometime. Right now I need to go to the beach room and be with the Lord. I haven’t had the time with Him in the last few days that I like.
You’ll get in the ‘grove’ of things in the next couple of days, and it’s okay to ask ” what the heck are we doing” ! 🙂 Love you bunches, Mum

22 08 2007
Father Smith

Dear Meg,

When you get emails from people make sure you give them your blog information. I think people would really enjoy you posts. Just a thought:)

Remember in this journey called prayer its about intimacy and friendship with Jesus. When you have those quiet moments just set your gaze on Him that dwells within you. Ask Him to help you, He desires to take you into the secret place of His heart. God doesnt ask us to be GREAT intercessors, he calls us as friends. Its the John 15 life of abiding. Don’t ever feel like you need to know it all or be some kind of expert. Just love Him:)

And I love you!


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