Yes, I’m an American

21 08 2007

And so, apparently, is almost everyone else. We’ve got one Indian (the real kind, not the American kind) a couple Aussies, a Brit a whole heap of Americans and a few Kiwis.

 Funny/Random thing though. One of our girls, named Becca, is from West Seattle. It turns out that not only is she from my city, she went to British Dance Acadamy for 9 years. She was a year behind me! She told me this across the room at our intern dinner and I literally shouted “Shut UP!” The entire room cracked up. I said something like “Why did you quit?!” Her reply, “Ballet messed up my knees.” “Ballet broke my toes!” I shrieked. We spent the rest of the night telling Miss Sallie stories and trying to figure out what the last show that we would have been in together was. Small world, right?

What else? Still no sign of my luggage. I borrowed clothes from the very lovely Christy today. Hoping to have my own things soon. 

Spent this morning in the prayer room for the “Worship in the Word” set. Basically the singers take a psalm or Bible passage and read it, then sing it, then use it as a launching pad for freestyling. It was a really good two hours. Later we had class about Fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit. I never thought about it before but we can actually talk TO the Holy Spirit. Most of the time we address our prayers to God or Jesus, but the Holy Spirit is equally important and receptive to our communication. I think of it like trust walks in theatre. If the Holy Spirit is our Helper, then we need to keep the lines of communication open or we’ll wander off and run into the furniture. He’ll tell us where to go and when to duck if we ask Him to. It’s only my second day here and I am already aware of how little I actually know. Good times!

I’ve started talking like the Kiwi’s/Aussies/Brit a little bit. Everyone ends sentences with “eh?” or “yeah”. Also, intead of saying “well done” they say “good on ya”.

I see four months of vegetarianism looming ahead of me. It’s just too hard to take the time to cook meat. I begin to see the practical applications of fasting, as well. Who wants to eat when you can spend time with Jesus?

It’s taken the Lord completely removing me from everything I know for me to see how wonderful life in Him is. I know that I don’t know much, but I DO know that I don’t have to force myself to enjoy my walk with Him. I used to think that I did, but Kristi’s teaching has shown me that God wants a church who prays and has then made prayer fun! It’s enjoyable! It’s what Mike Bickle calls “Happy Holiness.” We don’t have to try harder, we need to enjoy more.

I’m still pretty randomly weepy. I read a letter that Hilary wrote me just before I left and I started sobbing in my room. If my friends love me this much, how much more does the Lord?! He wants good things for me, and it isn’t neccesary that loving Him be an unpleasant thing. I can love God and learn and have fun all at the same time.

Missing everyone back home but four months is a short time. I’m keeping busy as an answer to melancholy.

I’ve adapted a Daughtry song that pretty much sums up how I feel.

“I’m going home, to the place where I belong

Where Your love has always been enough for me”




3 responses

21 08 2007

bah i got all teary reading this, i am so happy for you and what this opportunity means to you.

i am missing you madly, but i am so so so grateful that you are already feeling comfortable and loved and better.

i hope that you can read my letter when you miss me. :] i love you!

21 08 2007

Love you hil! Miss your face.

I have a calling card, if you tell me a good time I might be able to give you a call. Lemme know!

And thanks for the post on your blog, btw. It made me smile.

21 08 2007

I love you! How weird is that, a girl from british? Crazy! Eat any weird food yet? Hows the jet lag? I am writing a new short story! It’s called, “Consulting the Oracles.”
I am missing you and loving you whole lots!

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