Adventures in Simplicity

20 08 2007

I never thought that moving to a new country would drastically simplify my life the way it has. Granted, I did not choose the simplicity: Qantus chose it for me. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am here in NZ WITHOUT MY LUGGAGE.


The trip itself was an adventure. LAX needs to be razed to the ground to make way for something simpler, like a four-dimensional building with portals to different dimensions. It took me 3/4 of a mile to figure out where I needed to be and by then I had a blister the size of my thumbnail. Note to self- wear running shoes for further international travel.

Qantus is a really nice airline. Everyone has their own TV with a HUGE selection of movies, music and even TV shows. I sat on the window and on the aisle was a very nice man (I believe a proffesor in NY) who was of enormous help. (Hey those reading lights are complicated!) I watched Sense and Sensibility, ate dinner and then took some Dramamine. Luckily the seat in the middle was empty because then I could sprawl. I probably slept for 8 hours and woke up in time to have breakfast. Watched Spiderman 3 then landed in Auckland.

I was able to watch Auckland on the approach, but could only see it in what was lighted up. It was like watching fairy lights- a mist had come up over the sea and made all the lights fuzzy.

Auckland airport was even more of a trial than LAX.

I went through customs, was roundly chided for pronouncing things wrong and stood around waiting for my luggage. And I waited. And waited. And waited. Finally I wandered over to the baggage people and they told me that they’d try and track it down. I now have a report code and no clothes.

After all of this I STILL had to check in for my flight to Tauranga. (Which is a one-syllable word to the locals). I went to Air New Zealand, where the very nice girl says “Ooo. You’re in trouble.” At this point I almost cried. “Why?!” “You aren’t in the proper building. Go out those doors and across to the other terminal.”

The “other terminal” turned out to be 1/4 mile away and it was POURING down rain. I got very wet, very stressed and then had to stand in yet another line to check in.

Checked in, took a seat, typed up a secret-agent report for Jake and waited. They delayed the flight 3 times and I was an hour late getting into Tauranga. Though, on the plus side, it was the world’s shortest flight. 25 minutes door to door.

Now I’m here in my apartment which is shared with 1 other single girl, a married couple who have a son and three (possibly four I haven’t quite figured it out) single guys. We’re heavy on YWAM-ers, several Aussies, one Brit and almost the whole internship is American.

I’m tired, I haven’t any clothes and I feel rather disconnected but this is a good place. I’ll try and get some pics taken and put up once I figure out my comp situation. (I’ve been typing this on Dennis’. Three cheers for Badger!)

People I am missing right now:
Mom, Dad, Jen, Aaron and Jake.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. The more I hear back from you all the better I’ll do during this whole adventure. Much love from Down Under!




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20 08 2007

Meggie! You are doing great! You are fine, I promise! I know it seems dire, but you lean on the HOly Spirit, girl, and don’t let it get to you. Kisses, hugs, prayers, I send you love! I am glad you made it, and don’t you stress about that luggage, we’ll get it to you. You enjoy that travel insurance, and you make those girls take you post haste to the nearest clothes store! What a fun bonding experience! I love you immensely, and am wandering the house praying for you and your stuff! MUCH LOVE

20 08 2007
Auntie Karen

Hi Meghan,
Glad to hear you arrived safe even though your luggage did not. No fears girl, it will come. I’m with your mom, go use that travel insurance…shop,shop,shop. Thanks for all you did Friday for Kels and Kev. They are Hawaii bound as I write this. Love you lots.
Auntie Karen

20 08 2007
Aaron James

We love you much Meggie! Hang in there, this will all be good story-telling material later on. Just enjoy the experience as much as you can!

21 08 2007

My Dear Meg,

It sounds like you’ve had a grand adventure, I’m really praying over the quick appearance of your luggage. I’m so sorry we missed your phone call tonight, we were out to dinner with the James’. I’m carrying you on my heart constantly. Will look forward to email and phone calls as you can. We do have your phone number and will try to call when we figure out the time zone thing! Your doing great, I’m so proud of you. Let us know if you have some technology needs we can help with?

Much Love To You,


21 08 2007

Can’t believe we missed your call!! I signed us up for international long distance today, it went into effect this evening. Now all I need to do is get on line and figure out the time/day difference!!
We do know how to wire $ to you, ( at least the gals at WaMu do) so let us know if we need to send $.
Love you bunches and we are praying for you at all times. Talk to you soon. Love Ma

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