I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane…

18 08 2007

Well it’s come at last: the day I finally leave for NZ. I now officially have the blessing of everyone most important in my life. And now, if you’ll forgive me some minor sentimentality I should like to write mini tributes to all of those people.

Chris and Yvette- Momma and Pop Ferguson! You guys have been such a blessing in my life. Yvette always has something wonderful and encouraging to say and Chris has the best “God stories”. Thanks for covering me in prayer. It is appreciated more than I can tell you.

Hilary- Babs! Hilary Luellen-Davies you have been such a wonderful friend to me. Who else would watch countless hours of movies and hold hands during all the important parts?! I shall miss finishing one another’s movie quotes and walking around Greenlake singing Enter the Haggus. I love you very much and am ever-so proud of you. Be safe and know I’m thinking of you.

Erin- My best friend/sister! I think kindred spirits are a rare blessing on this planet and I thank the Father for giving me one in you. I plan on watching Firefly and giggling madly all the way to NZ. Take care of yourself and that lovely boy of yours. I’ll see you in December.

Stacie- My best friend. You are the dearest thing and I love your heart. Thank you for Chai tea, tea parties, huckleberry jam and walks. When you prayed for me before I left I felt an enormous peace settle over my heart. Remember that I love you and I’m proud of you. Don’t study too hard!

Jake- My Best friend. You may know more about me than anyone else, but you love me anyway and I cannot tell you what that means to me. I shall miss late-night political debates, listening to you read your 11-page papers at three o’clock in the morning and the endless arguments about all things cerebral. It’s nice to have a smart friend. But seriously, your blessing on this trip and your overwhelming enthusiasm for my “grand adventure” have meant a great deal to me. Be watching out for those survival diaries. Love your face!

Jen and Aaron- What an amazing couple the two of you are. I don’t know anyone else who handles life with as much wit (and as much gas) as you. Thanks for being fun to hang out with and for not minding when I am  surly in the mornings. Jen- I shall miss touching stomachs, slow dancing like middle schoolers and your wonderful story-telling. Aaron- Thanks for keeping my sister in line. I shall miss shopping (anyone wanna pretend to be special needs in Target?!) and getting to learn stuff from you. Both- I promise to make a trip out to visit as soon as time and finances allow. I love you both SO MUCH.

Mom and Dad- Where to start?! I suppose, like all stories, it should start at the beginning… Well, you raised me right. Congratulations! Thank you for always being supportive of your kids endeavors and for not limiting us, nor letting us limit ourselves. You always said to dream big, and NZ is the realization of a six-year-long dream. I can’t put into words how much I love you, so I won’t try. Hopefully you already know. Dad- I’ll miss watching Dirty Jobs and the Truth with which you live out your life. I’ll miss Minnesota Slim stories (even though you haven’t told one in years) and milkshakes the Dad way. I love you. Mom- I’ll miss cooking and the fact that we always knew just how the other would approach a given situation. I’ll miss being able to sit next to you on the couch and tell you all about my good/long/stinky/meaningful day. I love you.

For everyone else, my friends and adopted family- I know it’s never as big a deal to those who stay behind as it is to those who go, but you have never been less than totally excited for me. It’s meant a lot and it’s appreciated. Take care of one another while I’m gone. Remember that you can never take each other’s feelings lightly and that sometimes you have to just apologize. Also, don’t talk to strangers nor eat meat that’s been on the floor. If you need good places to park in Seattle drop me an e-mail. I love you all very much and I shall miss you terribly. Don’t study too hard nor too little and remember that I’m missing you.




3 responses

19 08 2007
Mother Smith

To my girl, God is the God of big dreams!! I’m so very glad that you put feet to your dreams and went the distance.
I too shall miss our times together, I hadn’t realized, I think untill today, what a very good friend you have become. Looking forward to all the stories. Love you, Mom

19 08 2007

To my sister-

I dare you to try a new food, walk a new place, love God a new way, and always look forward in pursuit of a God who is always pursuing you.
This adventure will be the first of many, for a girl who is smarter, more beautiful, more adventurous and more skilled than any other sister on earth. You are half my heart, and I love you!

20 08 2007
Aunt Lori

Woo-hoo! It is finally here. I loved reading your blog and will be keeping you in prayer throughout your adventure.

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