Too long, too long!

15 08 2007

For it hath been far too long since my last post.

I have a good excuse though. I was at the beach where the only technology was “Pooter”, my brother-in-law’s mac and some sketchy wireless bummed off the neighbors.

Speaking of bums (no not those kind)…. My first day at the beach and what did I do? You guessed it- napped. Not once but twice in one day. I blame it on a late-night excursion to Greenlake where I attempted to flying tackle my ex-football-playing best guy friend and got a bruised arm and sore chin for my pains.— How’s that for a sentence? —-

Anyway, time at the beach was moochly fun. Dad stayed for the first 24 hours but then headed home with the dog Monday night. Silly work.

I got journaling and sketching done, watched my favorite movie “Meet Joe Black” and slept. A lot. This morning I even managed to spend a couple of hours with my dear best friend Stacie Lynn Sabo. She works at a Christian camp about 1/2 hour away from the beach house. I only got lost three times going and once coming. Allow me to recomend the White Alaska Chai tea at the local coffee joint.

At the moment it’s 12:28 am local time. Jen, Aaron and I just got back from seeing HP 5 and everyone’s asleep. I would be asleep except for a bad life choice made during the movie. I ate an entire thing of Nerds and one of Sour Skittles. My tongue is now sore and my tummy hurts. So I do what every red blooded American girl would do in this situation. I blog.

So far I’m doing ok with my imminent move to parts unknown. I feel pretty strange about being three weeks late. You know that feeling when you’ve missed a day of school and now KNOW that everyone is way ahead of you? It’s that feeling. If I stop to think too much about Saturday I tend to forget to breathe.

The upside is I’ve learned to live in the moment almost completely. I have very little time left in the ‘quah and so have been really conscious of using it to the fullest.

Equal parts excitement, outright fear, longing and heartbreak. It’s an ok place to be.




3 responses

15 08 2007
Mother Smith

It’s a very okay place to be!!!
On the edge of a great adventure!
Love my girl, Mom

16 08 2007

Sorry for being so uninformed and ignorant but uh.. when do you leave for NZ?

16 08 2007

I leave on Saturday, in the afternoon.

Loved reading your blog today. I am going to adopt “Keep low and hungry”as my motto for the next few months. (Hopefully forever, but the time in NZ especially).

Miss you guys.

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