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8 08 2007


I watched “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead” with Hilary last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Because I have very little blogging time availible to me today I shall leave you with some memorable R&GAD quotes.

Rosencrantz: I don’t believe in it anyway.
Guildenstern: What?
Rosencrantz: England.
Guildenstern: Just a conspiracy of cartographers, then?

Guildenstern: We’re still finding our feet.
The Player: I should concentrate on not losing your head.

Guildenstern: I think I have it. A man talking sense to himself is no madder than a man talking nonsense not to himself.
Rosencrantz: Or just as mad.
Guildenstern: Or just as mad.
Rosencrantz: And he does both.
Guildenstern: So there you are.
Rosencrantz: Stark raving sane.

Rosencrantz: Do you think Death could possibly be a boat?
Guildenstern: No, no, no… Death is “not.” Death isn’t. Take my meaning? Death is the ultimate negative. Not-being. You can’t not be on a boat.
Rosencrantz: I’ve frequently not been on boats.
Guildenstern: No, no… What you’ve been is not on boats.The Player: We’re actors! We’re the opposite of people!

 On a final note- existentialism is the art whereby the existentialist gets to entertain themselves, contribute nothing to society and feel smugly superior to the rest of the human race all at once. That said, I love existentialistic movies.



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8 08 2007
Jennifer James

I’ve never seen that movie. I thought it was a play? Is it both?

I also had no idea that Liza Minelli was Judy Garlands daughter.

Go figure.

OH and Vivien Leigh was only 5’3″. No wonder she had an 18 inch waist.

8 08 2007


Yes, it was originally written as a play in 1957. The movie version (starring Tim Roth, Richard Dreyfuss and Gary Oldman) was directed by the same guy who did Shakespeare in Love.

The first 15 minutes are boring and I don’t think I’d want to watch it over and over again but it’s for sure worth seeing once.

9 08 2007
Jennifer James

Will you go see Harry Potter with me when I get to Seattle? I really want to see it, but I don’t want to go alone, and no one else I know has read the books.

9 08 2007

For sure. I really enjoyed the movie. Personally, I want to see “Stardust”. But yeah, I’d love to go with you.

9 08 2007
Jennifer James

I have read all of Neil Gaimans books except stardust, and I’d like to see the movie too, But I really wanna see HP. No one here will go with me, and I don’t want to go alone!
prtttty pleeeeeeeeeeeese?

I can has sister bonding?

10 08 2007

I already said yes, you goofy goofy child.

I loved HP and would thoroughly enjoy seeing it again.

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