Goats- Our Forgotten Friends

7 08 2007


Sure, horses are majestic, chickens are funny, cows eat pumpkins and dogs and cats have uses but what about the goats?! How often do little kids sit in their suburban homes dreaming of the day that daddy will buy them the goat they’ve always wanted? I’ll tell you; never.

And it’s a shame, really, because goats are probably some of the greatest animals around. Because they’ve been neglected for too long I give you Meghan’s top 20 reasons to own a goat.

1. Silky ears. Goat’s ears are the softest ears in all of the animal kingdom.

2. If you need roof repairs done, goats are accomplished climbers.


3. You can name them things like ‘Billy’ and ‘Nanny’ and make all your neighbors roll their eyes.

4. Ever heard of ‘fainting goats’? They are a specific type of goat that, occasionally, take fits and fall over. Like narcalepsy for hoofed creatures.


5. Goat milk is very healthy and actually tastes good.

6. They stack for easy storage.


7. They love kids and play just like dogs do. Be aware, though, goats are far too intelligent to play fetch. After a few go’s they realize that you’re just going to throw the stick away again and goats have no tolerance for follishness.

8. The world’s original grass-powered mower.


9. No-one else on your block will have one.

10. The built-in cuteness factor.


Besides, if you buy a goat, you might just get to hang out with these guys. Their motto seems to be “We’re so excited to be here!”. That pretty much sums up goat-hood. After all, if you weren’t here, you’d be somewhere else!





6 responses

7 08 2007
Father Smith


Your just crackin me up!!!

Father Smith

7 08 2007
Walking in the Rain

That’s good. Everyone should post an occasional “Just to Make People Laugh” post. Thanks to Just East of West for the (albeit indirect) inspiration.

7 08 2007
Jennifer James

That’s pretty much the funniest thing I have ever read. AND it makes me want to buy a goat.
Our friends in KY, the Life’s have a whole herd of goats, who kept wandering out of their pen, due to the fact that they could slip under or around the electric fence. They were so funny..!!!

22 09 2009

lol haha ooh

23 11 2009
Princess Yarty

I really like mountain goats and would like to get one.
Could anyone recommmend where i could obtain such a beast?

Its going to be called the Acland Goat and guard our porch from strangers and weirdos.

The problem is these days i cant eat snails because the inner bit smells of left handed tin tomatos so this is why i really want a mountain goat.

2 02 2010
Dr. Goat

Great post!

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