Children of Eden

6 08 2007

I have been eating, breathing and sleeping Children of Eden lately. When I checked my own blog and was surprised to see nothing new I realized I’m way past due for something. What follows is a badly put together rambling discourse on all things COE. Read only if you have lots of spare time. (Look at the pictures, either way. I’m really proud of this production.)


The above picture is taken from a song called “In Pursuit of Excellence”. It’s the snake convincing Eve to eat the apple. That lovely girl in the center back is Justine Stillwell as Eve.

And yes, they are wearing cotton PJs. Do not underestimate those cotton PJ’s, though! Each pair was dyed five times. Tie-dyed, no less. Then spray-dyed with two different colours. There are 96 base costume pieces as well as innumerable “animal” pieces. Each of the main characters has vests or hair kerchiefs. All of Noah’s family seem determined to rip their vest right down the back. Silly broad-shouldered boys.


This is Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel are played by Joey and Lucas Capestany, probably two of the sweetest most enthusiastic kids I’ve ever met. Talented too. Adam had to be replaced midway through the rehearsel process because Mack (the original Adam) got a really bad case of mono. Poor kid lost 13 pounds and could hardly stand for several weeks. Collin Morris is our new Adam and he’s done a wonderful job.

I wish I could write down all of my favorite parts of the show itself. The music has a special meaning for believers, I think. The songs are good when considered under their own merit, but they are powerful when taken in light of truth. Plus, there are motifs of family, adventure, curiosity and love that move me very deeply.


 It still bothers me every time Patrick, as “Father”/God, banishes Adam and Eve. “Dust you were/dust you are/to dust you will return/ and at this place/ I set my sword/ forever may it burn”. I want to run out and scream that this was real, we are living in the wasteland. It’s not just a story!

There’s another song that I love from the second act. It’s sung between the oldest of Noah’s sons and the girl he loves. He can’t take her with him because she is ‘of the race of Cain’. —side note- the race of Cain all have to have their foreheads marked so I wander around during intermission with a pot of Ben Nye going ‘Mark of Cain? Mark of Cain anyone?!’ If they are of the house of Cain I smear my paint-covered thumb up their foreheads. Good times.—- Point being, Noah’s son and the girl (Yonah) sing a song that I absolutely love.  I give you the lyrics, they are worth a read-through.

In whatever time we have
For as long as we are living
We can face whatever comes
If we face now as one
I could make on my own
Let me know that I don’t have to
No one really wants to be alone
In whatever we time have
If at times we are afraid
With so little to believe in
It’s alright to be afraid
I will hold you in the dark
All we know for sure is this
Though the world could end tommorow
You and I will be together
In whatever time


In whatever time we have
For as long as we are living


We know life can be a battlefield


We can face it all as one


But we won’t run and we won’t fear
You’ll be my fortress and I will be your shield


No one really wants to be alone
In whatever time we have


There are time I’ve been afraid
In a world that’s so uncertain
Then I feel your hand in mine
And there’s courage in my heart


We could live a hundred years


Or the world could in tommorow


But we know we’ll be together in whatever time

From this day forward lights don’t seem so black
From this day forward we will never look back
In whatever time we have
We will make the most of time
And at least we’ll be together in whatever time
We have

I mean, my goodness!


Another picture of the very talented Miss Stillwell. I spent 40 minutes tying that outfit up to be tie-dyed. 40 minutes on one shirt and one pair of pants. Oh, and stringing that necklace. That was fun. Can you tell our director is Hawaiian?

So yes. I’m a dresser. Translation- I literally help get everyone dressed. I do hair, makeup and last minute costume patch-ups. There is excessive amounts of daily laundry, along with de-stinking the costumes that aren’t washed. Did you know that Vodka is the best clothing deoderizer? It doesn’t harm fabric and completely removes odour. I also dance backstage with Michael the techie during “Ain’t it Good?”.

These are my people.

And I love them.




One response

6 08 2007
Jennifer James

The mark of cain bit made me laugh really hard. Mostly because I can picture you, box of cereal under one arm, nye in the other, going “hey you! come’re and get marked, we’re on a schedule.”
I had a dream last night we were rehearsing for a show at Skyline. It was my last show, adn Henderson had given me the lead. Weird huh?
See you in T- minus 5 days!

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