I hate sleeping in

2 08 2007

I really do. This morning my alarm went off at nine o’clock and I didn’t get my carcass out of bed until ten. This is not acceptable.

The main result of my lack of getting-up-ness is that I don’t have time to blog before I run and do errands. The only reason I have time now is that mom is changing into her running clothes.

But I refuse to let my lazyness affect my blogging.

More will come later. I promise.



3 responses

2 08 2007
Jennifer James

I think you are grand. I can wake you up early when I am there…

2 08 2007


Be aware, though, it’s been many an age since a human being ventured into my room to wake me. The repurcussions are unforeseeable…

Plus the joint is pretty stinking messy. Should be cleaned up by the time you get here. The messyness is mostly clothes and most of them are getting shipped off before you all get here.

2 08 2007
Jennifer James

I think I was always the one sent to wake you up from your naps. I fear not the Megasaurous !!!

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