I grewed! I grewed!

2 08 2007


grewed: v, past tense of “grow” (The Dictionary of Meghan)

My long-time readers are familiar with my inclination towards becoming a Radio City Rockette. The height limit is 5’10.5″

Ladies and gentlemen, I am no longer eligible to be a Rockette. That’s right, at twenty years old I have, over the past two months, grown a half of an inch. I am now a quarter inch too tall to dance in Radio City Music Hall.

And I’m ok with that.

Frankly, if I’m going to be a dancer (or anything else) I want to excel at it. The Rockettes are good, but jumping high kicks are not the height of artistic expression. I don’t care if they DO do 2000 of them a day.

So what shall I do with my life now?

Well, today I am going to be a dresser for Children of Eden. And I’m going to be the best darned dresser there is. (Not hard to do since my job consists of doing laundry, handing out snake arms and other assorted costume bits and doling out mic tape). And I shall also eat my Princess Gem cereal with great aplomb.

Tomorrow? Who knows?

What are YOU going to be the best at today?




One response

2 08 2007
Jennifer James

Hah! I grew a whole inch when I was 21. I now top the charts at 5’8″

You go dress those children!

I am going to be best at: being a housewife. I.E. I am heating up stouffers lasagna for dinner. I already cleaned the house before I left for work.

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