16 07 2007

At this moment I am supposed to be mailing my Visa application and going to the library to pick up my (count them) NINE books on New Zealand. However, I just got the green light from Jared and so I must share my story of “splits” with you.

 Do you ever have those days where you follow random links from people’s blogs for hours at a time? I had one of those days yesterday. First it was Aaron and Jen’s blog, then to Molly Mosacks and then to someone named Jared Diehl’s.

Well, on Jared Diehl’s blog there was a post titled “splits” with a YouTube video attached. Being a recent YouTube addict I couldn’t resist. What followed was 7.5 minutes of pure genius. No. Seriously.


 I have several thoughts about this video.

One, when did we humans get so mired in normalcy that a guy doing the jazz splits in public makes us stare or get awkward? I mean, come on! It’s not like he’s eating small children or selling drugs. Can’t a man do the splits if he wants to?!

Two, why don’t more people do stuff like this? Granted, I don’t actually know Jared, but he seems like seven different kinds of a good time. I bet you he and his buddy had more fun that day than most of us have in a week. There’s nothing so scary about being a little crazy, after all.

Three, would my hair do that if I used a lot of gel?

Four, (because that last one was nonsensical) what an amazing tool to connect with people! If you want to be memorable you must do something out of the ordinary. Five bucks says that every person Jared encountered that day went home with a great story. It just makes me wonder how much bigger of an impact Christians would have if we lived extraordinary lives.

There’s no safety in normalcy. There is also no spiritual life there. If God had wanted us to be like everyone else then he would have left us strictly alone. Next time I feel like sharing Jesus with someone I am going to do one of two things: remember that I live under an open Heaven and the Lord can do crazy stuff through me OR do the splits.

Does it make a difference if they are normal splits instead of jazz splits? Jazz splits hurt my knees.

Incidentally, Jared Diehl’s blog is http://jareddiehl.wordpress.com 




3 responses

16 07 2007
Jennifer James

Hah! I wish I could see that vid from work. Silly firewall! I think you are eright about extraordinary lives…. Aaron and I try to talk loud-ishly about God and prayer in the pool….. or at least we did yesterday. hah!

16 07 2007

I didn’t get to watch the whole thing, but during the first minute my face almost exploded I laughed so hard!

17 07 2007

Thank you for your post. My favorite parts, “seven different times of a good time” and YES me and Zack and Charity had more fun then all of IHOP combined in one day, okay maybe not all of IHOP but it was the highlight of Christmas 06.

I think people get weirded out by the Splits because they just do. Its not everyday that some guy just performs the splits in front of you, not just once, but three times, smiles and leaves. There were a few people who were a little irked by my antics(I plan on that happening).

I think extraordinary impact is what we all should aim for. Doing the Splits and preaching Jesus, if you can pull off both, then YES, YES, that is cool.

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