I promise I haven’t forgotten you

12 07 2007

Life is crazy!

 International banking is a mystery that defies the gods!

 Packing for three seasons opposite of the season you are in is insane!

Trying to tie-dye 92 costume pieces is just plain silly!

And who the heck is planning Kelsey’s bachelorette party?!

 I will write more either this evening or tomorrow morning.

As Father Smith says, “Have a Big Day”!




5 responses

12 07 2007
Jennifer James

Not it on the planning!
I shall miss you when you are gone. Will you write to me?

13 07 2007

I shall write reams and reams. You won’t know what to do with yourself because you’ll be buried under mountains of correspondance.

Love much!

13 07 2007
Jennifer James

Excellent! I demand post cards and pictures too!
I am praying that you get all the paperwork and such figured out. I think you will, you are vurry vurry smart!

13 07 2007

It’s more like vurry vurry good at paperwork. The THOP application was 24 pages long and my Visa application is 16. I DID get a super cool message from Matt at the Consulate General. I kept it because it’s the first Kiwi accent in a year of Kiwi accents.

Life, as it turned out, it pretty stinking sweet.

13 07 2007
Jennifer James

You are just a sucker for men with accents. Admit it! You keep doing that paperwork sister! It will so be worth it… I miss you!

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