And the Adventure is Afoot!

8 07 2007

I’m sorry that it took me this long to get this posted. I’ve spent the last few days in Spokane and am, as I write this, holed up in my best friend’s basement. I should be asleep but the combination of Alien vs. Predator and massive amounts of air conditioning make sleep unlikely.

 Point being, on July 4th I recieved notification from Tauranga that I am accepted into the internship!!!! *Here we pause for massive amounts of happy-dancing* Now, I don’t know who will realize this but I got the word about my big adventure on the 4th of July: Independance day!

No. Seriously.

I honestly nearly passed out. Since then, I’ve been trying to make it real in my head. I know that I’m going to New Zealand but I haven’t quite realized that I am GOING to New Zealand. Alone. For six months. The day after I am brides-maiding in a wedding. Holy meerkats.

So that’s my big news. Now comes the visa-getting, tuition-paying and airline ticket buying. Oh my.

Any of you have advice for the soon-to-be world traveler?



7 responses

9 07 2007

don’t count on your straightener keeping your hair straight in the air there. it might be a futile effort. hair ties = win.

take way too many pictures because i am planning on living vicariously through you. :]

9 07 2007
Jennifer James

Indeed! We demand daily photos and blogging and you must buy us Uggs! I want another tall pair, and Aaron wants some manly house slippers. I hope you come home spiritually awakened and in love with the Lord even more than you are today. I also hope that you don’t forget the Uggs. Oh and feel free to ship them home, no need to wait and bring them with you….!

10 07 2007
Father Smith

Old Chinese Proverb:

“If Sister and Husband want Uggs, then let the morning lotus blossom and wild rice paddy bring word of cash in the mail”

Wing AnA Prayur

10 07 2007
Jennifer James

Ah but father, you are forgetting that other great proverb from I believe the desert fathers…

” If thou knowest one who’s coffers over flow with plenty, then let that one travel and shower forth gifts on those who stand in the gap with prayer and fasting. For even those on the watchtower need comfort and rest for their feet.”

It’s a little longer than those Chinese proverbs, but you know how wordy those desert fathers were.

10 07 2007
Mother Smith

That is great!! Mom

10 07 2007
Father Smith


I completely agree with you and the Desert Fathers, so your Mother and I have decided to buy ourselves some Uggs! Thanks for the prompting.

Father Smith

11 07 2007
Jennifer James

You are a mean man.

Broke, Hungry, Poor, and Ugg-less Daughter

whimper whimper

p.s. (not really. (on you being mean.) )

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