So I Wrote a Poem…

20 06 2007

Back in the BCC days I used to sit in the quad beneath these super cool trees and write in my journal. What makes this odd is that I mostly did it in the autumn and winter when all sane people were in the Student Union. So I wrote this poem one day. I won’t say it’s good but I enjoyed the process. I found it and reworked it and, since Jen demands posts, I will share it with you all.

I heard a thousand voices singing

But they would not sing with me.

I heard a thousand people crying

But they did not cry for me.

I heard a thousand children laughing

But they would not laugh with me

Not even a thousand voices

Can silence this cry of pain

And not even these thousand weeping

Can drown me in their rain

And all those children laughing

In sweet, innocent accord

Do not know what it is to seek

And find that one door barred

Alone and locked in darkness

Kept in our silence deep

By the tears of generations

Who had great cause to weep.

And those children with their laughing,

Bright lights in darkness born,

Will be carried from each other

And soon will learn to mourn

Where once a thousand voices sang

There is silence all around

And the tears of that one thousand

Are all fallen to the ground

And all the little children

Have faded into dark

One last cry sounds in the stillness

The song of a broken heart




3 responses

20 06 2007
Jennifer James

definitely written in autumn. I like it!

21 06 2007
Jennifer James

I demand postage!
Come on, I know youa ren’t doing anythign else but cleaning and walking the dog….

30 06 2007


A while back I linked to your site from another site. I didn’t intend to comment at all, I was very content in the shadows, but I must now reveal myself. The reason? I think you should write more! Obviously you don’t have to, but I just wanted you to know that I think your writing is funny, creative, witty and very skilled. I enjoy it and wish there was more. Amen, Let’s stand

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