Pretty Clothes and Sentiment

13 06 2007

I just got home from seeing West Side Story again. This time with my dear friend Kelsey Kay and other dear friend Linnea.  Because I worked literally all day today, I hadn’t eaten much in the way of food. (Half a mozzerella and hollendaise sandwich doesn’t count. Nor does a tall nonfat black and white hot chocolate.) So instead of changing out of my fancy clothes, I put on a bright red apron over them and ate half a container of broiled potatoes. There is a lack of meat in my life right now so potoatoes are the new steak.

While my sister may have worn fancy shoes to the symphony (and they are lovely btw) I triumphantly wore a J.Crew dress that is a size too small. So the not-eating thing was probably good because there is nothing worse than a corpulent theatre patron. Unless they happen to be both corpulent and rich, we in the arts like those people.

All this to say that I sat down tonight and read my sister and bro-in-law’s blog and got a little misty. Jen was wandering the city street corners in fancy clothes too! It made me sad that we were removed two days in time and 2000 miles in space from each other. We would have looked so lovely together!

Not that Kelsey and ‘Nea and I didn’t look awesome. Trust those two girls to show up dressed to perfection. I kept turning to look at them because they were so pretty.

Oh and for those who follow along with this blog I DID manage to get John’s coat to him. FINALLY. I got the following text at intermission “I got your package! THANK YOU! You are the sweetest : ) “.

I love to make people happy.

OH! Big news. If you’ve REALLY followed along you know that I’ve been taking tap lessons. Well I have two exciting developments to report. First, my tap teacher suggested that I go up to B.C. for the Vancouver Tap Festival and do a tap-intensive. This translates to ‘you don’t totally suck and could learn alot there’. Second, a very dear man named Casey Craig has agreed to give me tap lessons over the summer. We’ve just got to figure out where. He’s a duck and I love him for it.

But mostly tonight I am loving two things.

Feeling like ‘theatre Barbie’ in my swanky new dress.

My KC family. Miss you guys!

Next time, if the cat stays out of the sink and the socks don’t run away with the doormat I’ll tell you about swing dancing in Seattle….




One response

13 06 2007
Jennifer James

I with I coudl have been there with you! I would let you borrow my shoes! They would probably fit you better. Don’t my legs look much improved by running? I haven’t had this kind of calf definition since dance days.
Congrats on the tap stuff! I think I am going to start taking tap with teressa when she has the baby. Want to come visit me soon? Maybe we could catch a show when you are here. BLOG MORE! BLOG 5 TIMES A DAY! I love your writing…Gotta go catch my socks.

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