One Night With the King

9 06 2007

(Talking about the story of David and Goliath)

“Do you know what my favorite part of that story is? It is that David’s victory came not because he fought well, but because he believed well.”


We are often told to ‘fight the good fight’ but how often are we reminded to ‘believe well’? Esther was almost certainly going to die (you don’t mess around with kings) but she believed enough to attempt to save her people.

Maybe if I could stop beating myself up about my failures, and fix my eyes on the Father, I would have Victory. Hey, it worked for Esther.




One response

11 06 2007
Jennifer James

Yeah, and she got to spend a year at the spa. I wonder how long it took before it wasn’t fun anymore? Kinda hard to enjoy your massage and seaweed wrap when you know there is a pretty good chance you might die right off the bat.
Oh to have that kind of faith…..

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