6 06 2007

Pronounced safrouch like “couch” with a “suh” in front of it and a “fr” in it’s middle. “suhfrouch”. Short for Saunter-Frolic-Crouch.

 Ariel Johnson and I decided that we needed to go for a jog today. When she arrived at our meeting point I was sitting on the sidewalk, leaning against a lightpost with my feet stretched straight out in front of me. I think I might actually have fallen slightly asleep. Needless to say our jog rapidly devolved into a saunter.

So we sauntered along, talking about women’s rights vs feminism and how annoying male-bashing is. We decided to walk around Beaver Lake (it’s about a mile from my house and the road has no shoulder, just trees and the occasional ditch). Right in the middle of a sentence I heard a car and screeched out “ARIEL CROUCH!” while simultaneously leaping straight up and sideways like a mountain goat.  I landed behind a glacially deposited boulder that is literally big enough to crush a semi truck. As the car drove by I looked at Ariel, kneeling in the pine needles and we both grinned at each other. (Let me point out at this juncture that Ariel is almost seventeen and I am most definitly twenty years old. Just picture it.)

We resumed our walk with all the calm dignity of our many years. That is, until ANOTHER car came by. I paniced and dashed up into the clear space by the road going “frolic! Quickly!” Ariel dissolved into hopeless giggles and goes “I’m so glad you frolic with hands outstretched. It’s the only proper way to frolic.”

I’m not making this stuff up, folks.

To top it off we wandered through the pathless meadow/woodland for about ten minutes. We passed a bush that has super long reed-like leaves. Pulling a few we wandered on, gesturing grandly with our weeds. I felt like Edwardfoliagehands. Eventually the reeds started to get bent at the ends. Ariel puts hers up on either side of her head, looks at me with deadly calm and says “A bug’s life”. I place mine up with equal gravity and say “Star Trek. Meep meep beepy bleep”.

This was my day.

Welcome to Meghan’s House of Crazy. Visitors are advised that you can check out but you can never leave.




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6 06 2007
Jennifer James

Aaron and I have a few different frolics. There is the double frolic, the frolic with the leap, the double back frolic. This all involves keeping your upper body completely still, and rapidly in a twitch like manner, frolicking with only your legs from the knees down. Alot like Lord of the Dance, but with shirts on, and no sparkly head bands.
I wish I had been there to leap behind boulders with you. Can we go for jog saunters when I am home? I am working up to running, but I still cant’ do it for very long at a stretch. I need new runnign shoes from Jock and Jills. My shocks are pretty, but they aren’t functional like my college running shoes that I can no longer afford.

6 06 2007

Well I love Greenlake like nowhere else in Seattle so OF COURSE we can go to Jock and Jills. In August safrouchs are best taken early in the morning because otherwise it gets too hot. SO if you don’t mind running at 7:30 in the morning of course you can come. I’d welcome the company. We can do the Beaver Lake cross country course and pretend we’re 12.

Hope work is going well. I miss you moochly.

6 06 2007
Jennifer James

Considering I normally wake up at 6am, which is 4am your time, I think I can manage a couple of early morning safrouches with you…
I need new running shoes. I demand that they come from a place where everyone looks like they just went running. Not where they are all dressed up and have no idea what they are talking about.
Whimper, I even know what shoes I want, I even found them online cheaper than retail. However, my husband is quitting his job next week, and I can’t afford the 90.00 for running shoes. GRRRRR!!! MY ARCHES!

6 06 2007
Father Smith

I love that movie starring all those ants and grasshoppers!


6 06 2007

wow. what a marvelous venture we had.
i love our jogs(that have evolved into)–>walks–>safrouches.
we have muchhhhhhhh to much fun to actually be excercising.

7 06 2007
Jennifer James

I think the most fun things you can do are really exercise if you examine them. Watching tv and sometimes getting up to go to the potty? I call that dormant cardio interval training. Answering the phone? Wrist-ups. Opening the fridge, front door or car? Selective tricep sets.
Don’t even get me started on actually WALKING places….
bleepy bleep.

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