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3 06 2007

I have a horrendously long post that is in the works telling the story of opening night at the 5th Ave. I took it with me to work to edit it but I don’t have internet at work so it’s still in my drafts.

 Plus I am trying to be really good and get my applications finished. I’m beign super lazy about it and I need to not be. Hence all spare time is spent with them and not with wordpress.

Jen or Aaron, do you want to admin my blog too? I’ve got flickr photos set up but it’s not working and I need someone to figure it out for me. Love you guys much.

I’ll get that post up soon.




5 responses

4 06 2007
Zach...Captain Crunch Lover


I am still waiting for a response to my last comment. A blogger must never forget her fans!


4 06 2007
Jennifer James

I demand posts! And talk to your brother-in-law about admin’ing. He’s the one with the free time and addiction to cool blogs. I like to read them. I DEMAND POSTS!

4 06 2007
Father Smith

My that KC Queeny is demanding!

Father Smith

4 06 2007
Jennifer James

You, sir, are full of hookielaus!

5 06 2007

Dude, sorry Captain Z! How’s life? Thank you for reading my blog, it makes my day smiley when I see that you’ve left a post. Give your mom a big hug for me ok?

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