Three Cheerios and a Nap: The Meghan Guide to a Better Life

24 05 2007

Some people have a hard time managing busy lives. Stress constricts their veins and the cares of the world lie heavy on their shoulders. I used to be really bad at managing stress, myself. In fact, it gave me what doctors call anxiety attacks and what I call ‘visits from my little friends’. A wise woman told me that they happened because I internalized what was bothering me, without even knowing it.  Point being, since then I’ve been learning the little ways to deal with stress and the small things that make life enjoyable.

A little backstory to this particular “guide”. Saturday last I was out until 5:30 in the morning. I was at a cast party for a play that I gave over a couple of months of my life to. During this cast party a couple people made me their confidante. Point being, by the time I got home I was tired and emotionally frazzled. The most accurate way of describing it I must credit to Bilbo: “Like butter spread over too much bread”. I woke up early and went to work after which I had tap classes.

So, if you are frazzled, overwrought, rundown, worn out, generally all-of-a-doo-da, here are some tips to getting through.

Have a free hour? Eat three honey nut cheerios and then take a nap. You get the world’s tiniest sugar buzz and then some old fashioned shut-eye. You’ll wake up feeling much more like a human being.

Pick a colour and notice it particularly. On Sunday mine was orange and I saw a woman in a creamsicle running suit walking through the rain in Seattle.

If it’s rainy don’t sit inside. Put on your jammies, take off your shoes and go for a walk in the rain. Rain on your feet is balm for the soul.

Scream. Really loud. Preferably where no-one will wonder who is slaughtering the livestock.

Listen to your favorite song three times in a row.

Walk up and down some stairs. It’ll give you a mini endorphin rush.

If you are in the middle of a heap of work, make a list of what you need to get done. Checking things off a list is one of the most gratifying feelings ever.

Have a dance party. This requires no partner, no skill and no music. If all else fails hum “if you’re happy and you know it” and do the twist. It works every time.

Invent a happy dance. Use this dance whenever something happy happens in your life or the life of a friend.

Find some kids and take them for a walk. You’ll be forced to notice that yes, that pebble is a lovely colour. Hopefully you’ll get pulled into a game of make-believe. (Note- do NOT under any circumstances borrow children who do not belong to you without asking permission. The poky is no place to decrease stress.)

Call a friend.

Make cookies, leave them on the doorstep of a neighbor, ring the doorbell and run. (Substitute flowers or a note for cookies if you are baking-impaired or have suspicious neighbors.)

 Do something really badly. For me it’s the Charleston or frisbee or whistling. There is something wonderful about being horrible at something. It reminds us that we are less than God and there is comfort in that thought.

Ok, after all of that I expect everyone who reads this to adopt AT LEAST one suggestion and impliment it this week.




5 responses

24 05 2007
Jennifer James

I desire greatly to comment but can’t at work. More to come on your genius later!

24 05 2007

this is a great list. I like to go outside and listen……My favorite time is at dusk when the neighborhood is fairly quiet and you can hear the robins singing vespers in the trees. Mom

26 05 2007
Zach Ferguson

I loved the “Ring The Doorbell and run.” I love when it rains take off your shoes, put your pajamas on and walk in the rain. You are a great and funny blogger.
email me a picture of you doing something funny!

26 05 2007
Zach Ferguson

I loved the “Ring The Doorbell and run.” I love when it rains take off your shoes, put your pajamas on and walk in the rain. You are a great and funny blogger.
email me a picture of you doing something fun!…ZBear!

26 05 2007
Father Smith

Daughter Meghan,

I love your writing style, love the poems! Me thinks you have a great expansive heart.

Daddy O

28 05 2007
michaelcarr :: journal

Basel, O Basel

It’s Monday morning on the 28th of May. We have been in Basel since Friday. Our time here has been.., appropriate. Our time has come that we must make our move and head for Zurich via Luzern (To see some swiss mountains) Okay.. we can do this. I…

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