Oh I wish I were a….

24 05 2007

Since Aaron was the first (and thus far ONLY) one to reply to my previous post…

Aaron. Brother in Law. This one’s for you.

I wish I were a teacup

Oh how thrilling that would be

To spend my time with crumpets

My noggin full of tea

I wish I were a duck

With a waddle and a quack

‘Cause then I’d hang with other ducks

Of friends I’d have no lack

I wish I were a book

The kind that’s leather bound

To be treasured by a thinker

Holding secrets to be found

I wish I were a feather

On some great bird’s wing

To see the world from way up high

Would be quite a wondrous thing

I wish I were a song

Not the deep and solemn sort

But the kind sung in joy

With a bright and cheerful heart

I wish I were stronger

More noble, wise and true

But mostly I’m just glad I’m me

And really… aren’t you?




3 responses

24 05 2007
Jennifer James

Hey!!! I commented first thing! It says my comment is awaiting moderation!

Here is what I said!
I vote for three cheerios and a nap! Though the history of a bruise sounds promising….

My feelings are hurt that you did not see my comment. I was excited about my post idea. Though I really really love your poem. I am copying it into my sketch book.

24 05 2007
Aaron James

Excellent. Quite good. I am glad I chimed in.

24 05 2007

Wow this is awesome, Granny the great needs to read this. Ma

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