Titles for Prospective Posts

22 05 2007

So yesterday (on five hours of sleep) I was driving through Seattle on my way to my tap class. Instead of composing a blog post I composed blog titles. My sister suggests that I post a bunch of them, get a vote, and write a blog based on the popular winner. I’d do it based on the electoral winner but then I’d have to have some kind of electoral system worked out. I’m too lazy so the popular vote will take the day.

“Three Cheerios and a Nap: The Meghan Guide to a Better Life”

“Orange Jumpsuits and Puddleducks: Life in Seattle”

“Purple Green and Blue: The History of a Bruise”

“I’m not ADD, I Just Like Shiny Things”

“Oh I Wish I Were A….”

Ladies and Gentlemen vote, now.




3 responses

22 05 2007
Jennifer James

I vote for three cheerios and a nap! Though the history of a bruise sounds promising….

23 05 2007

How about these options:

“Fat Ducks And Other Interesting Fowl…”

“Weedwackers In Pleasantville”

“Hebrew National Dogs vs Oscar The Mayer”


23 05 2007
Aaron James

I like the “I wish” one

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