Life as a Brunette

11 05 2007

I got a bit of a rant the other day about “daring to make bold choices in my life”.  After listening to this tirade (for a half an hour) bits of it actually seeped through the cracks. Some of the points were valid. I can talk the talk about living life on the edge but could I really walk the walk?

 Those of you who have seen “What About Bob” know about the concept of baby steps. You have to do small things before you can do big ones. Walk before you can run etc. My first baby step/ bold choice was dyeing my hair.

That’s right folks, Yours Truly is now a brunette.

Now the flip side, and what makes my choice significantly less bold is the fact that I KNEW it would look good. How bold is a bold choice when you know that the reaction to it will be positive? Does that take away the intrinsic value of stepping out of my comfort zone?

Those aren’t rhetorical questions… I’m really trying to figure it out.

Do you have to do things that yours peers won’t like for it to be a risk? Is risk inherently good? (I mean, obviously I’m not talking risk like shooting heroin).

Thoughts from the peanut gallery?




3 responses

11 05 2007

I do believe that risk IS inherently good. As long as we are not breaking laws, dishonoring those we care about, or the Lord. I think taking what most people call ‘risks’ is what makes us who we are. For example: I take the ‘risk’ of wearing my hair short. It is (or was) outside societal norms to wear short hair, and I got made fun of a TON in HS. But look now, my ‘risk’ is now a huge fashion trend. It’s really early and this isn’t the greatest example. I could think of others, but like I said, it’s early.

13 05 2007

One of my desires has been to walk through life with no regrets.So taking ‘risks’ is a good thing. How sad to come to the end of things as say ” I wish I would have…”. Now ‘no regrets’ is different than “I wish I would have done that different” I have my share of those and I chose to see those as lessons learned.
That is why I took Jazz dance class, so that in ‘my old age’ I wouldn’t look back and say “why didn’t I try?” Now, I am no dancer but I loved the experience. Mom

18 05 2007

Hello darling ! Way to go ! Only thing is i would love some pictures! Now its only a matter of time before you really step out there and do something like pierce your belly button! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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