6 05 2007

My sister wrote a post a few days back about the futility of wishes. She said that it’s important to pray for things instead of idly wishing for them. She has a point, and a good one, but I feel I need to add something to that.  

I think that wishes are important. They are the compass that points to the destination. Sometimes it is the idle wishes that reveal the most about the things we really want from life. Now, if I were to say “I wish that I had enough money for that new car” that’s fairly straight forward. I think in those cases the “I wish” part of the sentence is just a figure of speech.

However, what about the times when you are sitting on your porch contemplating life (that’s assuming that other people do that too) and you start thinking “I wish…”? Those are different cases entirely. I am a firm believer that God puts desires into our hearts for a reason. People who assume that anything they want is immediately bad are taking the power out of their relationship with God. It’s the wishes that float to the surface during twilight revelries that point us towards what to pray for. Do you often wish that God could heal your friend’s ailments? Try praying about it!

If you leave it at the wish point you are not giving them the credit they deserve. Who was it that said “A wish without a plan is only air?”. I would change it to “A wish without a prayer is only air”.

So think of your wishes as the compass in Pirates of the
Caribbean. They’ll point you towards your heart’s desires. I guess that makes prayer the Black Pearl- the method by which you reach what you wish for. It’s certainly not the best analogy but it’s consistent.




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7 05 2007

you make a very valid point. I in no means believe wishes should be discounted entirely. In a vast majority of the time wishes are the avenue that we realize the hopes God has placed in us. You make, once again, an excellent point.

8 05 2007
Father Smith

Very Interesting My Daughter, Very Interesting. Oh by the way, Minnesota Slim said to say howdy!

9 05 2007
Aaron James

Hey Megs,

Not to derail this post but could you mail me a disc with any pictures from our trip there (or other stuff) that I gave you? I’m trying to get stuff that I lost from my computer back.

9 05 2007
Ben Shaffer

Don’t you people have email??!?!

10 05 2007
Aaron James

hey Jennifer tell Ben to shut it would ya?

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