My Lack of Time or Why I am so NOT Entertaining

4 05 2007

I want to send out an apology to my many (read, 5) faithful blog readers. I wish that I had a good reason for my lack of witty banter and insightful insights. The truth can be summed up by the three W’s. Work and West Wing. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I have deserted you to watch a tv show about fictitious political figures.

 My apologies.

I hope to have some down time in the next couple of days. We’ll try to get this here train back up and running lickity-split. So hang tight and keep your hands, arms, legs and small rodents inside for the duration.




3 responses

4 05 2007

Hurry up!!! I can’t believe you’d desert me for West Wing! At least…well yes I can. But hurry up and write something anyway. You promised a response to my post!

5 05 2007
st. michael.t.carr the 3rd

wait up now… i could be counted as a new subscriber- Well, at least a casual newstand reader… I really do like your writing however (love your creativity!)– Someday tell me what your plans are– still in filmmaking? (Broadly speaking) HMm yes.. for me, my biggest news is: I’m going to europe on monday! 😀

9 05 2007
Ben Shaffer

well as reigning “blog reader of the week” I say “good enough.”

You post more than Jennerith…..

Hi Jensifens!!

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