Tap Dancing: Rhythm and…not

24 04 2007

So to make a longish story longer…

I am twenty years old and have yet to live away from home. Up until very recently (the last six months or so) this was not a problem. I like my parents. They aren’t psycho, I don’t have a curfew and I get to drive their cars. I like free food. I like having my own bathroom more. I like having a TV with a remote dedicated solely to myself MOST. Yes, I know, I am in slavery to the god of Dancing with the Stars. Mambo, anyone?

Point being, it suddenly hit me that I am seven different kinds of ready for an adventure. My life is nice. No-one shoots at me and I don’t have to worry about the exact origin of the ‘chicken’ that I am eating. However, I am a firm believer that life is only lived on the edges. Life, in the truest sense of the word, is hard to find when you are physically and emotionally safe.

So I am ready for an adventure!

What does this have to do with tap dancing? you ask. Well, my friend, I will tell you. I have always loved the Radio City Rockettes. They are my favorite part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Frankly, it is the perfect performance style for me. No singing, no talking and 30 other women who look exactly like you. As I sat contemplating this I realized that I have an excellent jumping high kick. Upon further research I discovered that I am literally 1/4 inch UNDER the maximum height requirement. So, what do I want to do with my year next year? That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I want to be a Rockette!

Now what, as Rachel Lynde would say, is to be the pill in all this jam? Oh yes. I don’t tap.


So to remedy this (rather large) problem, I started taking tap classes at Century Ballroom in Seattle. My teacher is a wonderful girl who used to dance with Gregory Hines. (IMDB him if you don’t already know who he was.)

So far so good. That is, until yesterday’s class. Our teacher had us circle up and start what is called ‘holding a beat’. Essentially we slammed our feet to the rhythm of “We will we will rock you”. Then she made us improv. Improv means you make stuff up. (“Improv” does not, as Jack would have it, stand for ‘improving’.) After three classes and not nearly enough practice I was terrified. I am one of those people who doesn’t like being less than perfect.

But you know what? It was kind of fun. Don’t get me wrong, if they had chosen me or a three legged dog with narcolepsy the dog would have kicked my butt. I submit to you, though, that the dog wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much.

So tap continues to be the best thing about my week. After class I usually tap around the fountain in the park. I feel Gene Kelly-esque and I get lots of strange looks from the kids and the homeless people. But that’s ok because when the strange look wears off they start to smile. And isn’t that the sunniest thing you can do for another person?




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24 04 2007

Love you honey, and I’m with you all the way.Mom

24 04 2007

I will totally come to your audition and audition in front of you, and totally suck it up, so that you look awesome.
I once danced around a fountain with my friend Teressa. She broke the heel on her stiletto. It WAS Gene Kelly-esque and very much fun….

24 04 2007

Meggers- when you are writing your posts, at the top there is a ‘code tab’ go about halfway into your first paragraph and hit the ‘more’ button
it let’s you click a link to finish reading the post, instead of having the whole huge thing take up your front page.
that way peopel can see the last few posts you’ve done, but you can still write long ones…make sense?

25 04 2007

Honey, I really must correct one of your quotes……It wasn’t Rachel Lynd but rather Kathern Brook who said..” What is the pill in all this jam.” A comment she make to Ann when she was asked to come to Green Gables for a visit. 🙂 Mom

25 04 2007

Meghan! I have a new book you have to read. It’s called
Ahab’s Wife
by Sena Jeter Naslund

You will love it. It’s based on this passage from Moby Dick, when Ahab tells Starbuck to look at him, because there he sees “my wife and child in thine eye”

It’s an awesome book. As we speak I am rereading Ahab’s Wife, and reading Moby Dick online.

you also need to read ‘Abundance’ by the same author. It’s about Marie Antoinette, and it’s my favorite hardback right now.

28 04 2007
Ben Shaffer

all these comments and nothing about the three legged dog with narcolepsy?!?!
I still have pepsi in my nose from reading that….

1 05 2007
Walking in the Rain

Thank you Ben for acknowledging (what I thought was) the best part of my post. That’s why you are the “Blog-Reader of the Week”

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