Living a Life of Moments

19 04 2007

I have recently become a connoisseur of Moments (capitol “m”). 

Four days ago I was at work taking the recycling out. Our recycling is at the back of the theatre near the loading dock. (The loading dock is used when the tech people need to offload trucks full of sets or when the cast and crew need a smoking break.) As I passed the dock I noticed Dane sitting in the sun playing guitar. Dane is one of the leads in the current show and a really nice guy. I didn’t think too much of it… lots of people I know play guitar… but he started to sing just as my eye saw the light that was literally painting the scene. Somehow the music and the setting sun got all wrapped up in each other. I couldn’t tell if it was the light that was setting Tiger Mt on flame or if it was Dane’s voice. The shadows that played across his face; were they really shadows or something else entirely? It was a completely other-worldy experience and I was transfixed.

The moment passed quickly- it couldn’t have been more than a few seconds- but it was one of the sweetest experiences of my week. Ever since then I have become aware of my surroundings in ways that I haven’t experienced since I was a kid. You know that feeling you used to get as a child, when a puddle was mesmerizing and a pinecone was utterly novel? That is how my life has been these past four days. I’ve found myself staring for long minutes at rain or the corners of buildings or stranger’s faces.

On Sunday I stood in the center of Pike Place market in a pool of sunshine and just was. I wasn’t doing anything but breathing and looking around. I don’t know if this is something that everyone knows about and I am just slow, or if I’ve discovered it for the first time. I think maybe that it’s close to what God meant when he said “be like the little children”. There is a sense of wonder in my life these past few days that I haven’t felt in years.

I creep around corners now, literally. I am excited by the thought that whatever I see, it will be something new. 

Life has not been easy for me lately (more on that later) and I have decided to view this new life-approach as a gift from God. A sense of wonder has been restored to me and with it has come a release from the more mundane concerns of my life. Who cares that all my jeans have holes in them?! Jeans with holes like to play in puddles. So maybe I’ll be late to work. If I am I will be able to see the sun set over the mountains. And boys?! Ha! All they do is keep you from noticing how bare branches look against clouds.

How about you? Had any good Moments lately?




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19 04 2007

Meghan, you are a most reverent and esteemed writer, in this writers’ humble opinion.
I am so glad you have a blog now, so I can blog on your blog. I want to write a good moment I’ve had, but I can’t think of one right now…more to come later!

19 04 2007


You are an awesome writer keep it up!

20 04 2007
Father Smith

I had one of those moments just today as I was walking with your mom. As we passed the elementary school I noticed two young boys walking in front of us. These two young guys were just “strolling”, one had a stick he was twirling in his hand, the other boy was walking close to him reading a book. These two guys were living in the moment, and it reminded me to slow down and enjoy those beautiful flashes, those simple encounters.

PS – I agree with your sister, your an excellent writer! Keep it up.

20 04 2007

You are an excellent writer…one of your many gifts.
I had one of those “moments” a few days ago when I was out on a walk. I was early evening just after the rain,and I noticed how very green everything looked. Not the dark green of winter firs, but the vibrant new green of spring…I love that color of green.

28 02 2008
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